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For potential cosponsor or collaborator to support Ukrainian evacuees (Request)

Currently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has shaken the world and the crisis situation continues for Ukraine. The Government of Japan has announced that it will accept Ukrainian evacuees who are facing difficulties as an emergency humanitarian aid. Although various countermeasures have been started in Japan, we have also started the “Orange Network Project”, commonly known as the “ON Project”, a project to accept Ukrainian evacuees and support their livelihoods. Therefore, we are looking for companies or organizations to cosponsor or collaborate with us to support Ukrainian evacuees for the sake of their safe and secure life in our town. In order to make this project a success, we need a lot of support. Even your agreeing thoughts with our project will encourage us. If you would like to support us, please contact us from here. 

 Assumed sponsorship contents

・ Relief supplies (clothing, bedding, furniture, food, etc.)

・ Securing transportation (pick-up service, etc.)

・ Cash donation

・Consultation and dispatch of information on employment

・Consultation and dispatch of information regarding Japanese language education

・ Other support for Ukrainian evacuees

I stand with ukraine

For individual people


We provide support for Ukrainian evacuees so that they can live safely and with peace of mind. However, we don’t have enough funds for interpretation and translation, as well as preparation of necessary things for daily life. Your warm donations will support our activities. Donations are accepted by bank transfer to the account dedicated to the ON project. In the future, we are planning to hold crowdfunding so that more people will know about our activity. The Details will be announced on our website as soon as it comes in.

Interpretation, Translation (Ukrainian, Russian)

Ukrainian or Russian interpreters and translators are essential for the immediate support of Ukrainian evacuees. We are looking for people who have experience or may not have. If you are interested, please contact us from here

I stand with ukraine
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