Peace for Ukrainian evacuees

2022 February, suddenly daily life was taken away from Ukrainian by the invasion of Russia. For the sake of life with peace of mind for Ukrainian, Orange Network Project (ONP) is about to start to support them. Gyokuto town in Kumamoto prefecture and Association for Rengein Tanjoji International Cooperation (ARTIC) will accept Ukrainian evacuees to Gyokuto Town, Tamana County in Kumamoto Prefecture and will support them their daily life and aim to coexist with local. We appreciate your warm and continuing support for living with peace as many people.

Welcome to Gyokuto Town
We will support your life in Gyokuto town


For Ukrainian

For Ukrainian civilians who wish to flee to Gyokuto Town, Tamana County, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

For Ukrainian

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ON Project Team

Association for Rengein Tanjoji International Cooperation (ARTIC)

We are Non Profit Organization based in Tamana city, Kumamoto prefecture in Japan that support education and social welfare internationally. We support nature disaster relief in Japan, and support education and humanitarian aid on abroad.

Gyokuto Town, Tamana County, Kumamoto Prefecture

Gyokuto is a small town with a population of about 5,200, located in the North of Kumamoto prefecture, Kyushu region that is about 1,000 km south of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. There are a lot of ruins of The Satsuma Rebellion (also known as the Seinan War which was the last civil war in Japan and occurred in 1877) and 7 of them were designed as national historic sites. There is also a lot of greenery, so you can feel the power of nature. It is highly evaluated as a residential area since It is well balanced between a rich natural environment and convenient transportation to work and school. The region is a major producer of fruits such as mandarins, pears, and watermelons that are known as high-quality products in the market, and also there has the most extensive growing area of plums called “Honeyrosa” in Japan.




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